Privacy policy

Your privacy is very important to us

AccessLive, LLC Privacy Policy The Internet is fast becoming a way of life for many people throughout the world. It has the power to change the way we live and more and more people are starting to make these technological changes as a way of life. With only a few mouse clicks you can find anyone or anything in the vastness of cyber-space. It is AccessLive, LLC’s mission to retain its customer’s privacy when they are using the Internet as a means of communication.

AccessLive, LLC will adhere to the following Guidelines

Guideline 2

AccessLive, LLC will not disclose any Personal Information to any third party, this includes the selling of your e-mail
address to any bulk-mailers, unless in good faith belief that such action is necessary to:
(1) To comply with legal process or conform to legal requirements.
(2) to protect and defend AccessLive, LLCs’ rights or properties.
(3) to enforce AccessLive, LLCs’ Terms of Service; or (4) act to protect the interests of its’ customers or others.

Guideline 3

AccessLive, LLC will not send any unsolicited information to you nor will it allow the same from anyone. You will receive a welcome letter explaining the features on the service.

Guideline 4

If for any reason you feel as though AccessLive, LLC has not adhered to these Guidelines please notify us by contacting us, using the below information and we will use all resources at our disposal to rectify the situation at hand.